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What's going on with Penn's Corner?
Posted 6/21/2010 8:40am by Neil Stauffer.

Here comes the summer squash, tomatoes, peaches and peppers!

We will be adding new CSA members beginning the week of July 6th/7th.  This July Harvest share will be 20 weeks long.  Email us today to get on the waiting list!  We will continue to take and add new members until the 30th of June.  After that we will go back to a waiting list for at least four weeks. 

The cost of the July Harvest Share is $495.00. Members can pay online via Google Checkout or by check.  Pay in full or provide a $200.00 deposit at sign up and payment of $147.50 by July 30th and another $147.50 by August 30th. 

To get on our waiting list please email Karlin at [email protected]



Posted 4/30/2010 2:49pm by Neil Stauffer.

We are nearly half way through our spring Cabin Fever share and will begin our Harvest Share in the second week of June (the 8th and 9th).  We have plenty of shares available but are filling up at a pretty steady clip.  If you want to be a Harvest Share member and enjoy the bounty of summer we suggest signing up as soon as possible!    


Posted 4/23/2010 11:51am by Neil Stauffer.

WQED will be airing Food Inc this Sunday evening at 7pm.  If you haven't seen it yet this is a great opportunity to take a glimpse at the industry of food.  Click here to read more!

Posted 3/26/2010 12:00pm by Penn's Corner Farm Alliance.

Please note that many of our Tuesday pick up locations are now full for the spring. We will notify you if the one that you have requested is full.  All locations are still available for the Harvest Share which begins in June.







Posted 3/14/2010 9:18am by Penn's Corner Farm Alliance.

The beginning of our CSA season is upon us!  Penn’s Corner staff and farmers are busy planning CSA boxes for April and May.  The excitement is building and we believe that it is going to be a great year to be a part of Penn’s Corner.  Things are always subject to change but if I were going to wager a guess, I would say that I see tender radishes, wild-foraged ramps and the freshest of eggs in your immediate future!    

Our Cabin Fever and Farmer’s Friend shares will begin April 13th and 14th.   

The Harvest Share will begin June 8th and 9th.   

In the week before your share begins you will receive an email from us that provides all of the important details that you will need: times, exact addresses of the pickup location, contact info for your host and other important reminders. 

Always feel free to contact us with questions, concerns or feedback.  We hope to see some of you at Legume this Thursday evening!  Call the restaurant for details.

Posted 3/8/2010 9:30am by Penn's Corner Farm Alliance.

What’s happening at Penn’s Corner …

  1. We have added a few CSA pick up locations!  New to our list are a Monroeville location, a pick up at the Environmental Charter School at Frick Park and a Chatham eastside location which is located near the intersection of Penn and 5th Avenues.  In addition,
    our Lawrenceville pick up has been moved from the old Penn Avenue location to Dozen Bake Shop, 3511 Butler St 15201.  Finally, our Brighton Heights pick up has been moved also but is very near the old location.  More details to come!  Current members are always welcome to change their pick up if a new one is more convenient.  Just let us know.
  2. Chatham College is holding the first annual LOCAL FOOD SHOWCASE- a Grower/Buyer Event and Penn’s Corner will be there! The event will be held on Thursday March 11, 2010 from 1-4pm at Chatham University.  This is a great opportunity to find local sources of fresh and processed foods for retail, restaurant, CSA, wholesale, farm markets, and home use. Click here to read more about the event.  Neil and I will be there and love to meet Penn's Corner CSA members so be sure to come and say hello to us if you make it to this event!
  3. Legume Bistro will be holding a Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance dinner on Thursday March 18th.  Click on this link to read more from their chef about the details.  Neil and I will be there and hope to see some of you there.  It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a wonderful, local meal comprised of products grown by your farmers and prepared by one of Pittsburgh’s premier chef’s.  And you may get to know some of your fellow Penn’s Corner devotes in the process!
  4. Our Cabin Fever share will begin on April 13th and 14th.  We well be sending out a Google payment request at the end of March for folks that still have a balance on their accounts.  We ask that members pay 1/2 of their remaining balance by the time our Cabin Fever share begins in April.  
  5. Our March 15th Farm Stand Product List went out last Friday.  I just got a call from David Yoder at Nu Way Farm.  This wonderful sunshine that are are experiencing has gotten his spinach and arugula up and growing in full swing.  That means that we have 1/2 pound bags of each for $5 and $6 respectively, in addition to the Product List.  Remember to get your order in by this Wednesday. 
Enjoy the sunshine!
Posted 2/22/2010 5:10pm by Penn's Corner Farm Alliance.

Thanks to everyone that has already signed up for a 2010 CSA subscription!  We are very pleased with the great response that we have had and are creeping close to 50% capacity.  We still have plenty of shares available.  In order to take advantage of the 3% discount sign up and pay in full before the end of February.  Also- we welcome members to check the status of their membership at any time by clicking on the Your CSA Status link on our website.

If our membership continues to grow in 2010 we will be looking to add some pick up locations throughout the City.  In particular, right now we are looking for pick up locations in Shadyside and Oakland.  If you know of a good location feel free to let us know.  We are just a little more than six weeks away from delivering farm fresh produce to your neighborhood!

We also want to announce our next few Farm Stand dates.  We will be holding Farm Stands at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Squirrel Hill on the following dates: March 15th, April 19th and May 17th.  Throughout the CSA season you can continue to order meat, cheese, bread and other items from our Farm Stands.  You will also be able to purchase greater amounts of your favorite produce from your CSA box!  We will be creating a Farm Stand mailing list soon so that only the folks that want that info will receive it.  If you are a fan of the Farm Stands keep a look out for that notice!

Have a great day and happy noshing!

Posted 1/6/2010 11:43am by Penn's Corner Farm Alliance.

It is with much excitement that we have opened up our sign-up for the 2010 Penn's Corner CSA!  It's a little something to help us hang onto the promise of spring while in the depths of winter.   

If you're ready to join, please follow the appropriate link:
1. If you are a brand new Penn's Corner CSA member, simply follow this link to fill out the membership application on our website.  

2. If you are a returning Penn's Corner CSA member, please follow this link to sign up instead.  The link will ask you for your email address.  Then, you can click on the new link we send to your email account.  From there, you can sign up for your membership on our website as well.

Or, if you want to find out more information first, check out the CSA tab on our website.  If you would rather not join online, feel free to contact us and we can sign you up over the phone.  412-586-7577.

Please note that if you sign up and pay in full (single payment) by the end of February, you will receive a 3% discount!

We look forward to having you in our 2010 CSA.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Oh, and please help us spread the word!

Another note worth mention is that we will be having our January Farm Stand on the 18th.  The product list will be going out this Friday so be on the lookout if you are interested in placing an order.

Posted 12/30/2009 9:37am by Penn's Corner Farm Alliance.

Just when winter is beginning to really settle in, we are beginning to drum up hope for the spring!  We are planning to roll out the sign-up for our 2010 CSA shares beginning the first week of January.  Like last year, we will have a short Cabin Fever Share available, the longer Harvest Share and then the two combined will be the Farmer's Friend Share.  Prices and the exact lengths of each share will be described on the website once details have been made final.  I think it's safe to say that our CSA prices are not expected to increase this year which is great incentive to sign up again in 2010 or sign up for your first time!

If you have any questions about our CSA shares please email us.  Check out our pick-up locations map from last year if you are wondering where the closest pick up to your home or work are.  Penn's Corner Farmers and staff are very excited to step into 2010 with our members.  We plan to produce and distribute even greater amounts of locally produced, nutritious, and delicious foods than we did in 2009!

Posted 12/3/2009 3:47pm by Penn's Corner Farm Alliance.

For the first year in our history, we are holding monthly Farm Stand sales throughout the year.  These sales are open to CSA members and non-members alike.  Each month a product list is generated based on what our farms have available that month.  Customers pre-order items by email, and orders are taken on a first come first served basis.  Orders are then picked up at our Farm Stand location in Pittsburgh on the designated day. 

Products that are likely to be included in our winter Farm Stands include locally raised beef, pork, chicken, lamb and turkey; honey, fresh pastas, a variety of produce, herbs, many varieties of squash-including pumpkin that has been processed for baking, and many varieties of apples & cider.

Our next Farm Stand is scheduled for Monday December 21--just in time for Christmas dinner!

In order to participate in a Penn's Corner Farm Stand, join our email list today.  We will then send you our product list approximately two weeks beforehand so that you can pre-order your choice of local foods.  If you have any questions, feel free to email or call.  We'd be glad to hear from you.

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