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Opportunity for Restaurants

Penn's Corner Farm Alliance is looking for more restaurants who would like to carry our locally grown, fresh farm products on their menu.  This is the best time of year to start using our high-quality produce, meats, mushrooms, pastas, flour, and other local products.  Because all of our products are grown right here in Western Pennsylvania, relying on Penn's Corner is a great way to introduce a seasonal element to your menu.

All of our products are custom harvested to your order.  That means they can't be any fresher.  We offer many staple items as well as hard-to-find gourmet options like micro greens and heirloom varieties.  Plus, we will deliver your order to the door of your restaurant within 48 hours.  We deliver to businesses around Pittsburgh 52 weeks a year, and we would love to make a stop at your establishment too!

Buying from Penn's Corner is buying from farmers in your region who care.  So why not buy from someone you know?  We look forward to meeting you soon!