CSA Payment Schedule

CSA Payment Schedule

Your CSA can be paid in full at the time of sign-up by check, electronic check or credit card.

If you prefer to make payments, our  payment schedule is 25% at sign up and then half of the remaining balance in each of the two months that follow.  For instance, if your share is $800 your down payment at sign up would be $200.  In one month a payment of $300 is due and on the third month a final payment of $300 would pay off your balance.

Other payment arrangements can be made if the above terms do not work for you but payments will need to be made by check.  Please contact csa@pennscorner.com if you would like to make special payment arrangements.

Please make checks payable to:

Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance

150 54th Street

Pittsburgh PA 15201

Please include your member number on your check.

It is important that you make payments consistently and on time.  Your payment allows our farmers to purchase and plant seeds and continue to harvest their products.  We are committed to supporting our local farmers, but when you do not pay on time it makes it hard for us to pay the farmers on time.  Please respect our policies.

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