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Grassfed Beef Quarters

Quarter Beef from Jarosinski Farm (front & hind mixed)

Approximately 100 lbs: $5.88/lb

Projected to arrive to PCFA Pittsburgh offices the week of October.7.2013

“Jarosinski Farms is excited to offer Penn's Corner Farm Alliance a quality box of beef cuts. We have spent the past two years raising a herd of cattle just the way nature intended. Beginning at the first days of life, our calves are never subjected to anti-biotics, growth steroids, or any therapeutics. They spend their days on green pasture being raised in accordance to the utmost animal welfare standards. We specifically raise our cattle on a diet consisting non-sprayed pasture and hay forages. A grass-based diet creates a fine beef with a lean body [not to mention an amazing taste..!]. From our farm to your table...! Enjoy.”  -Kevin Jarosinski

Here is what you can expect to receive:

  • (3-4) Chuck Roasts 3-4 lbs. each.
  • (1) Shoulder Roast 3-4 lbs.
  • (1) Rump Roast 3-4 lbs.
  • (4-5) 1 lb. Pkgs. Beef Tips (Stew Cubes)
  • (4-5) Delmonico Steaks (Rib-Eye)
  • (6-7) T-Bones [New York & Filet are together on T-Bone]
  • (3) Sirloin Steaks
  • (8-10) Cube Steaks
  • (2) Round Steaks
  • (3-4) 1-lb. Pkgs. Chip Steak
  • (35-40 lbs.) Premium Ground Chuck in approx. 1 lb. pkgs.
  • (1) Generous Bag of Soup Bones

**All beef is being processed at a locally-family owned, U.S.D.A inspected facility.

***The third generation butchers are entrusted to cut all steaks to a consumer-friendly thickness based on decades of experience. 

 We have a limited number of quarters available, so contact us today at [email protected] if you are interested in reserving one for yourself!  A $200 deposit is required upon placing your order, and the remainder can be paid for upon pickup in October.  Hope to hear from you!

Kevin's cows in the field at last month's Outstanding in the Field Farm Dinner

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