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Heritage Breed Hogs

Order half a heritage breed hog through Penn's Corner!

We sell pastured Berkshire hogs by the half from Emanuel Schmidt of Hilltop Farm in Sligo, PA every few months throughout the year.  If you'd like to get on the waiting list to hear about our next offering, contact [email protected]

These hogs are antibiotic and hormone free.  They are kept on organic pasture and in an uncaged barn.  Although they get most of their food from grazing the pasture, they are supplimented with GMO-free local grains.  The price will be about $3.98/lb for the hanging weight of the hog, depending on the type of cuts you request.  Most of the halves have a hanging weight between 110 and 130 pounds, so you could expect to pay around $477 total.  Please note that the hanging weight is not the final weight after cutting. You can expect to receive about 72-82% of the hanging weight.  If you have a preference for the size of your hog, please let me know.  

The side can be cut to your liking, but a standard side includes: one ham (about 15-20 lbs but can be cut in half or quartered upon request, cured and smoked), 8-10 lbs of bacon (cured and smoked in 1 lb packages), two loin roasts (about 3-4 lbs each) and chops, 1 shoulder (split into two roasts and steaks), spare ribs (split into 4 sections), and 5-10 lbs of sausage or ground pork (in 1 lb packages).  The pork fat is available upon request, as well as the tongue, liver, bones and heart. The ham and bacon can be uncured upon request.  All cuts will be vacuum sealed or wrapped andfrozen after butchering.  


Here is a helpful article about pork cuts, including what part of the pig they come from, and how to cook them! 

KDKA did a news feature on these Hilltop Farm hogs and Penn's Corner!  Click here to check it out!  Also check out what other Penn's Corner customers have to say about their experience ordering a hog:

"We just finished our last one and these Hilltop Farm hogs are the best pork we have had!" -Jane

"We got the hog share last year and it was by far the best pork we've ever had!! I even rendered the lard and used it for cooking. The hams were truly the tastiest EVER!" - Veronica

"I'm so excited to buy our second heritage breed hog share. The first time we ordered half a hog was this spring, and we split it with another family. We are not huge meat eaters, but when we have it, we want it to be as healthy and delicious as possible. The cuts of pork we received from Hilltop Farm through Penn's Corner (and are looking forward to again) were by far the best tasting I have ever had.  The first thing we tried was bacon on a Saturday morning. It was so ridiculously delicious that we declared the next day "The Day of Bacon" and ate it with eggs for breakfast, BLTs for lunch, and on a pizza for dinner.  I used to think that I was not very good at cooking pork roasts and chops, since they always turned out dry and tough. Now I am awesome at cooking them, though, thanks to internet recipes and the quality of this meat. I found myself gnawing every last juicy bit off of the bones! In fact, I know I will never be able to buy "store pork" again, having been so spoiled by these incredible roasts, breakfast meats, chops, and ribs. I even saved the bacon and sausage grease for sauteing vegetables (since a little healthy fat helps you absorb the vitamins in things like dark leafy greens) and to make biscuits. I ordered some of the lard last time, and rendered it in my crock pot one evening after work. It made the most wonderful pie crust ever, that I used with Penn's Corner Farm Stand peaches in a pie that was so tasty I had to have some for every meal, including breakfast, until it was gone. My family is so happy that we have access to these heritage breed hogs, that have been healthfully and humanely raised by farmers in our community, and that all of the flavor has not been bred or fed out of the pigs. Thanks for making this available to us again!" -Andrea




The hogs in the barn at Hilltop Farm. (January, 2013) 



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