Hog Shares

Pasture raised hog shares from Blackberry Meadows

Penn’s Corner is pleased to offer hog shares from Blackberry Meadows!  The hogs are raised in open air on the farm from birth and are not confined to an indoor space. They root for insects and roots, while eating much of the foliage from the above ground plants and bark.  They are also fed culled organic vegetables from the farm, and supplemented with a non-GMO verified feed.

The breed is mixed for growth vigor, meat quality and mothering temperament.  The breed is primarily Duroc and Yorkshire (75%) mixed with the hardy constitutions, excellent foraging abilities and very docile temperaments of Large Black and Hereford (25%


Now accepting orders for the current round!

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Hog shares will be split into three deliveries, and will be delivered to your pick up location on August 28/29, October 16/17, and November 13/14.

The cost for a hog share is $330.  

Delivery 1:
1.5# neck bones (for stock)
2# belly bacon
1.5# shoulder
1.5# loin
6# ham
3# ground
Delivery #2:
1# organs
4# lard
3# ribs
2# shank/hock
2# ground
3# ham
2# belly bacon
Delivery #3:
3# shoulder
5# loin
3# belly
3# ham
2# ground

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Check out the Ethical Farming Fund’s Virtual Farm Tour of Blackberry Meadows!

Click Here to read some helpful FAQs about your hog share.

Here is a helpful article about pork cuts, including what part of the pig they come from, and how to cook them!

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