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CSA Pick-up Locations

This list and corresponding map shows the current CSA delivery locations.  Please zoom in using the slide tool on the left side of the screen.  Then, scroll over the points near your neighborhood to learn more about the locations.  Please use this as a guide as you choose your CSA delivery preference. Please note that this list changes frequently and may not include all of our pick up locations. 

CSA Pickup Locations

Adams Township-- McGinnis Sisters (all shares)

Bradford Woods-- Seldom Seen Rd. (spring, summer, fall shares)

Bridgeville-- Winfield Street (spring, summer, fall shares)

Chatham University-- Woodland Dr (all shares)

Churchill-- Williamsburg Place (spring, summer, fall shares)


Dormont-- Delwood Ave (spring, summer, fall shares)

Downtown-- BNY Mellon (employees only- all shares)

Downtown-- Market Street Grocery (all shares)

Downtown-- Gulf Tower (all shares)

East Liberty-- East End Brewery (all shares)

East Liberty-- Penn's Corner Warehouse (Winter Share only - Tuesday pickup)

Eat & Park Hospitality-- Waterfront (all shares)

Fox Chapel-- Quail Hill Road (spring, summer, fall shares)

Franklin Park-- King Charles Dr (spring, summer, fall shares)

Friendship-- S Atlantic Ave (spring, summer, fall shares)

GNC Headquarters-- Downtown (employees only - all shares)

Google-- Bakery Square (employees only-all shares)

Green Tree-- Warriors Rd (spring, summer, fall shares)

Greenfield-- Millington Rd (spring, summer, fall shares)

Highland Park-- Jackson St (spring, summer, fall shares)

Highland Park-- Union Project (all shares)

Indiana-- Yarns, Philadelphia St. (spring, summer, fall shares)

Lawrenceville-- Franktuary (all shares)

Lawrenceville-- Butcher on Butler (all shares)

Moon Township-- Municipal Building (spring, summer, fall shares)

Monroeville-- Eastmont Church (all shares)


Mt. Lebanon-- Eden's Market (all shares)

Mt. Lebanon-- Lebanon Ave (spring, summer, fall shares)

Mt. Lebanon-- Overlook Dr (spring, summer, fall shares)

North Side - Arnold's Tea (all shares)


North Side-- North Avenue (spring, summer, fall shares)

Oakdale-- Noblestown Rd (spring, summer, fall shares)

Oakland-- Apple (employees only- all shares)

Oakland-- The Porch, Schenley Plaza (all shares)

Point Breeze-- Meade St. (spring, summer, fall shares)

Regent Square- Biddle's Escape (Winter Share only)

Regent Square-- East End Avenue (spring, summer, fall shares)


Ross Township-- W Madison Circle (spring, summer, fall shares)

Schenley Farms-- Parkman Ave. (spring, summer, fall shares)

Sewickley-- B Gourmet (all shares)

Shadyside-- Castleman St (spring, summer, fall shares)

South Side-- American Eagle (employees only- all shares)

South Side-- Schell Games (employees only- all shares)

South Side-- Visitors Center (all shares)

Squirrel Hill-- Bartlett Street (spring, summer, fall shares)

Squirrel Hill-- Commonplace Coffee House (Winter Share only)

Squirrel Hill-- Dobra Tea (Winter Share only)

Squirrel Hill-- Dalzell Place (spring, summer, fall shares)

Squirrel Hill-- Phillips Ave (spring, summer, fall shares)

Strip District - Denali Group (all shares, employees only)

Strip District-- Wigle Whiskey (all shares)

Whitehall--Deemer Street (spring, summer, fall shares)






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