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Bedillion Honey Farm
Mark & Sara Bedillion

Hickory, PA | Member Since 2012

The Bedillion Family Farm & Apiary is located in Mt. Pleasant Township, Hickory, Pennsylvania. They harvest honey from an ever growing number of hives on their farm and make it available year round. Their honeybees are survivor stock of mainly Italian and some Russian honeybees. So far, they’ve proved to be gentle, hygienic, and good producers of brood and honey.

Blackberry Meadows FarmBlackberry Meadows Farm
Jen Montgomery & Greg Boulos

Natrona Heights, PA | Certified Organic | Member Since 2013

Blackberry Meadows Farm is an incredibly well-rounded farm, featuring Certified Organic vegetable production, grass-fed beef and dairy, free range chickens, and pastured pigs. Jen and Greg’s favorite local meal, pulled pork (their own non-GMO pork) with homemade barbecue sauce and farm fresh slaw is a delicious metaphor for their holistic views of agriculture.

Jen and Greg both value their community surrounding Blackberry Meadows Farm. They enjoy their CSA customers, and now can host interested eaters to come leave more about growing and cooking local food! With everything Blackberry Meadows Farm has to offer, Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance is happy to be another venue to distribute their offerings.

118723313471.182.131.208Blue Goose Farm

Scott & Christy Farabaugh

Nicktown, PA | Certified Naturally Grown | Member Since 2008

Scott Farabaugh and his wife, Christy, own and operate Blue Goose Farm in Nicktown, PA. They specialize in potatoes, and according to Scott, he has yet to find a way to cook potatoes that he hasn’t enjoyed. And that is saying something but Scott and Christy say they eat potatoes every day!

The Farabaughs started farming in 2002. They were drawn to vegetable production because it is a more manageable way of farming. They love that they live where they work and that, as Scott says, “Everyday I am working to make my small part on this earth better than I found it.”

148778602170.198.211.91Clarion River Organics

Zeb Bartels

Sligo, PA | Certified Organic | Member Since 2009

Clarion River Organics is a cooperative of Amish family farms that work together in Sligo, PA. The cooperative model helps connect those farmers to the Pittsburgh region with the help of Zeb Bartles, who manages the coop. Their network is large and growing, but woking with Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance means that their wonderful produce is used in the kitchens of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh. Of all of their great diversity of crops, Zeb says he loves golden berries (or ground cherries) the most. They are easy to grow in our climate, but taste like a tropical fruit!

Clubhouse Gardens

Bill Foulk

Greenville, PA | Member Since 2009

The Foulk’s farm in Greenville, PA has been in the family name for over 100 years and has been granted the designation “Century Farm” by the PA Department of Agriculture. Bill’s grandparents were vegetable farmers and Clubhouse Gardens keeps that tradition alive but specialize in everything garlic. Bill’s favorite varieties of garlic are green garlic (which look like green onions) and garlic scapes (the curly shoots of the plant).

Bill will happily tell you his favorite ways to prepare the different types of garlic. For green garlic, just add to a fresh salad and for scapes, drizzle on olive oil and salt and add to the grill. Bill is always also happy to share his farming knowledge with others. Clubhouse Gardens follows organic practices but is not certified.

Crighton Farm

James & Chris Crighton

Prospect, PA

James and Christine have been farming for more than 35 years, 23+ of which have been at their current location, Crighton Farm, in Prospect, PA. Crighton Farm grows a wide variety of gourmet vegetables; among them are PA Simply Sweet Onions, shallots, peppers, cherry tomatoes and microgreens on their 12 acre farm. Chris also serves as a member of the Penn’s Corner Board.

Dawson’s Orchards

Carolyn & Scott McQuiston

Enon Valley, PA | Member Since 2007

Carolyn McQuiston and a few key family members run Dawson’s Orchards in Beaver County. Their specialties are berries and tree fruit. Carolyn’s farm became a Penn’s Corner member in 2007. Check out their website at for more information or visit their Orchard Market!

Grow Pittsburgh

Hanna Mosca & Nick Lubecki

Pittsburgh & Braddock, PA | Member Since 2010

Grow Pittsburgh is a nonprofit organization with the mission to demonstrate, teach, and promote responsible urban food production. They grow food on over an acre of urban land in two locations in Braddock and Pittsburgh. Grow Pittsburgh also supports community gardens throughout Allegheny County and several Edible Schoolyards within the city.

As the farmers in charge of these sites, Hanna and Nick appreciate carving out a space in a city environment where they can work with the earth. They cherish the opportunity to share their hyper-local all-natural food with the Pittsburgh region.

Harmony Grove Farm

Monty & Akemi Hoffman

Harrisville, PA | Member Since 2015

Harmony Grove Farm is a truly unique farm member of Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance. The farm is steeped in history; Monty’s great great grandfather started farming the land in the mid 1800’s and in 1872, a one-room schoolhouse was built there, called Harmony Grove School. Today, Monty and Akemi use innovative hydroponic techniques to grow lettuce, salad greens, and strawberries.

Monty and Akemi greatly value the farming lifestyle and appreciate the peace and quiet that comes with it. Their pristine greenhouses, full of light, are a great place to spend their time. When not enjoying their own sweet strawberries, their favorite local treat are juicy PA peaches!

Hidden Hills Dairy

Lori & Rex Sollenberger

Everett, PA | Member Since 2009

Lori and Rex of Hidden Hills Dairy provide Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance with a variety of cow’s milk cheeses from their registered Jersey cow herd. Lori and Rex started farming in 1996 when Rex’s father retired and in 1999, they began cheese production and we are so lucky they did!

The Sollenbergers’ happy cows are rbst-free and enjoy the free range of grazing the fields. Their favorite part of farming is watching the calves grow up and join the herd. It’s no surprise that their favorite local food to enjoy is their cheese (any kind) with tomatoes, straight from the garden and warm from the sun.

Hilltop Farm

Emanuel & Rosemary Schmidt

Sligo, PA | Member Since 2011

Hilltop Farm in Sligo, PA raises some of the best pork around. Emanuel specializes in heritage breed pigs–Berkshire and Tamworth. Both our restaurant partners and Farm Stand customers are big fans. The farm has been part of Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance since 2011.

Jarosinski Farms

Kevin Jarosinski

Sarver, PA | Member Since 2012

Kevin Jaronsinski is a first generation farmer who started farming at the age of fifteen with just twelve laying hens. Now, Kevin supplies extremely popular whole animals and cuts of meat to Penn’s Corner and feels proud to feed families in the Pittsburgh region. When it comes to himself, Kevin’s favorite thing to eat is a farm fresh tomato, “fresh as can be!”

Kevin appreciates that his farm is a place where he continues to learn and and discover each day. He values sustainability and his animals are pasture-raised and cage-free without using hormones or antibiotics. You can learn more about Kevin’s operations and see a virtual farm tour at The Ethical Farming Fund website here.

Kistaco Farm

Tim & Suzanne Hileman

Apollo, PA | Member Since 2002

For 95 years, the main event at Kistaco Farm has been their outstanding apples. Tim and Suzanne, along with their daughter Miranda, manage 235 acres and a on-farm market where they sell many varieties of apples, their crisp, sweet apple cider, and many other crops. This diversity on the farm is achieved by enjoying the diversity of the job, says Tim. Kistaco Farm uses thoughtful farming practices like IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to help manage pest pressure.

The Hilemans hope you enjoy their products as much as they do! Tim’s favorite local treat is apple pie made from their apples by Miranda or Suzanne. They are the apple experts, after all!

Pucker Brush Farm

Pam Bryan

Shelocta, PA | Member Since 1999

Pam Bryan is one of the founding members of Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance and she currently sits on the board as Treasurer. She runs Pucker Brush Farm in Shelocta, PA where she grows veggies and in her free time raises sheep, ducks and rabbits.

River View Dairy

Sam & Susie Byler

Emlenton, PA | Member Since 2008

Sam Byler, his wife Susie, and their seven children milk over one hundred goats at his farm in Venango County. His specialties are goat and sheep milk cheeses. They produce chevre, flavored chevre, and an aged sheep’s milk cheese. Check out River View Dairy’s website to learn more about their farm.


Weatherbury Farm

Nigel Tudor

Avella, PA | Certified Organic | Member Since 2016

The land that makes up Weatherbury Farm in Avella, PA has been farmed since 1815. Then, the farm was called Extravagence, a name that no doubt turned a few heads. The fourth, and current owners, the Tudor family, has been operating Weatherbury Farm since 1986. While most people think of produce, meat, and dairy when they think of local food, Weatherbury Farm is unique because it grows local, Certified Organic grains. Their offerings include wheat, oats, spelt, open-pollinated corn, emmer, and einkorn. The Tudors love enjoying the products created on their farm. Did someone say local pizza?

Weatherbury Farm has always had a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture practices. In 2012, Nigel Tudor and his family were one of two farms selected to win the PA Certified Organic Sustainability Award, And in 2017, Sustainable Pittsburgh recognized Weatherbury Farm as a Gold Level Sustainable Small Business.

Weeping Willow Farm

Raymond Byler

Hartstown, PA | Member Since 2008

Weeping Willow Farm has been a member of Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance since 2008. Raymond, with the help of his family, supplies us with beautiful tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes and much much more from his farm in Hartstown, PA. In the winter, Weeping Willow also taps maple trees to produce syrup.

The Bloomery

Kathy Dudley

Prospect, PA

Kathy Dudley has been in the flower business since 1998. Having started out as a full retail florist, she transitioned into full-time flower growing in 2010.   Farming in Prospect, PA, The Bloomery grows all types of cut flowers and foliages, as well as specialty plants such as succulents.

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