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Penn's Corner Yard Sale, March 2008

3/5/2008 5:10pm

We are happy to announce the first Penn's Corner Yard Sale product list of 2008. If you haven't ordered from one of our previous Yard Sales, let me tell you how this works. It's kind of like a buying club.

Simply contact us via email ([email protected]), and we will send you our Yard Sale product list. Look it over and decide what wonderful local foods sound good to you. Then, place your order via phone (between 9am-5pm) or email anytime. Just fill out the form according to the directions. Feel free to make any clarifying notes.

We will begin accepting orders immediately. The deadline to place your order is 5pm on Tuesday March 11. That's less than a week away. So, don't delay. Many of our items have a limited availability. First come, first served.

After we receive the orders, we will collect and pack them into CSA boxes. Then, we will deliver them to the East End Food Coop on Meade Street in Point Breeze. There, we will park our truck out front (like we do for our CSA deliveries), and you will pick up your Yard Sale order between 4-6pm on Wednesday March 19--just a few days before Easter dinner! Please be prepared to pay for your order with a check or cash at the time of pickup.

Need a smoked ham or keilbossi? We've got it. How about free-range eggs? Or the first green leafy vegetables of the year? Pasta, cheese, apple cider, and more!!! The list long -- so check it out.

All of the products are locally grown or produced. So, your purchase directly helps your local farmers!

Oh, and if you're a 2008 Penn's Corner CSA member, there is no extra charge to place an order. For non-members we charge a $5 packing/delivering fee. So, make sure to join the CSA in order to enjoy all the benefits!

Don't put off placing your order--supplies are limited and the ordering window is short!
Thanks again for supporting your local farmers!

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