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PCFA CSA Member Testimonials

We joined in July, and just picked up our 5th box today. It's a huge adventure to unpack it each week, and our 21 month old daughter gets a real thrill handling all the colorful shapes and textures of everything as we unpack it. We've really enjoyed googling beets, squash, pea shoots, etc for new recipes and ideas.—Patrick, Mt. Lebanon

Just want to let you know that I really love this program. It has changed my eating and cooking habits that basically went to pot during my 20's and 30's when I had no time to cook. I was a very healthy eater earlier in life. I also hate going to the store in general, but I'm a creative cook. And if you have good ingredients from the start it's easy to make something good out of it. So its perfect for me. I've tried some of the recipes too! Thanks for all the hard work,--Shelley, Oakdale


Steve and I *LOVED* our first box!!! That watermelon is among the best I’ve ever had. We ate half fresh and I made the rest into chilled watermelon soup. The heirloom tomatoes were amazing! Eggs are great. This weekend I’ll cook the eggplant and we’ll finish the plums, then we’re ready for our next box! I’m so glad we joined!--Tara, Point Breeze


We have really been enjoying everything in the CSA boxes. My husband is now a huge fan of eggplant, beets and plums! Thanks for everything. Kelly—North Side


We’re so happy that the CSA came to Whitehall this year. It has made a huge difference in my kitchen -- and our lives -- because I’ve cooked so many new and interesting dishes. I’ve always been intimated by squash, but they’re one of my new faves. Randy could hardly believe when he walked into the kitchen and saw all of those beautiful squash on our table….Thanks again for everything. I’ve really enjoyed working with Penn's Corner, supporting the local farmers, getting my produce delivered to my doorstep, learning to cook with new veggies, and most of all, enjoying all this fresh food with my family!--Darcey, Whitehall


I wanted to thank everyone involved with the CSA for a wonderful experience. Although I was a latecomer this year, I am already looking forward to the next growing season. I learned so much, and my husband and I tried so many different things because of the "surprise packages" every Tuesday. The newsletter has been invaluable. I tried several of the recipes, and, frankly, I would not have known what many of the items were without the "advance." We particularly enjoyed the apples, herbs and cheeses; but so many of the recent root vegetables and squash will be part of our Thanksgiving dinner. I'm amazed at how efficiently everything was handled, and I have told everyone I know (and even strangers in the supermarket!) about the Penn's Corner farmers.—Barbara, Highland Park